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I've used WildBlue Internet Service for over six years. It's so much easier working from home in my rural area than it was when I used to use dial-up. I can do so many things with the WildBlue Satellite Internet service, for example downloading documents takes minutes when it used to take hours and hours. Thank you!
Roger in Gladwin, MI


We live way up in the mountains but we can still use WildBlue Internet. From the installation to the operators on the phone, WildBlue went smooth as silk. We don't know what we would do without it. Sincerely,
Dave and Mona in Murphy, NC


I can't believe the difference! Because of where I live I was stuck with dial-up internet and it's just so much faster now. It's actually a pleasure to sit and use the computer now, I can download movies and pay bills online at the same time I'm surfing the web and it all takes a fraction of the time it used to take me. Thanks WildBlue Internet!
Jim Redmon, Bumpass, VA


Because we live out in the middle of nowhere, we can't use anything else but dialup but luckily our WildBlue Satellite Internet is working!! We've had it for almost 3 years and there has only been one outage--and the tech fixed the problem and everything is fine. WildBlue monitors things from there end so they can tell when we have been disconnected. We usually take everything out of the outlets when there's a thunderstorm but after we plug in the WildBlue it's ready to go with no problems. It would be nice if the speed was faster but we already have a great improvement and compared to dialup there's no contest out here.
Steve and Wendy R. - Tennessee (Customers since August 2008)


This is the really the best internet service! WildBlue Internet Service is so dependable. We went through a lot of business internet services and this is the best one. If we need someone, they send out somebody that day to make sure we can starting working again. We don't have problems with the service at all, maybe once and we have had it for 2 years.
John and Becca Moore, Center, TX


Hi WildBlue! We are so happy with your internet service and the quick and helpful support we got when we first got started. We needed a lot of help and the customer service was so helpful. We get a lot of offers from other services promising cheaper costs, faster connect speeds, etc., but our location means that when push comes to shove they can't even provide service to us or they had too many people plugging the pipeline so we wouldn't get a good connection anyway. I just wanted to say thank you for being reliable and giving us a good connection.
Jim & Jill in Kentwood, LA


The only thing we can get out here is satellite or dial-up. Those really are our only options. WildBlue is the best! It might not be for people who have cable or DSL connections but for those of us who don't want to deal with dial-up anymore it's the greatest!
Stanley M., Canton, TX


Living out here on the side of a mountain, this kind of service is a dream come true! I rate this service an A+ on the big 3: installing it, speed of the service, and customer support. The WildBlue service is definitely the top of the heap.
Ginger and Ronald Hill, Nevada City, CA

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