Exede Voice: The Kind of Home Phone Service You Want

Exede Voice is the newest product from Exede Broadband, the leading satellite Internet service in the nation. This service is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service, specifically designed to work seamlessly with Exede Internet service. In fact, no other VoIP can offer you the kind of advantages Exede Voice provides Exede customers. Your new phone service works via your satellite connection, saving you money and delivering fantastic quality.

The Advantages of Exede Voice

A VoIP system that works optimally with the Exede network delivers better service than any other provider possibly can. By adding Exede Voice to your lineup of services from Exede, you get perks you never even dreamed of.

  • Super money savings on the cost of home phone service.
  • Unlimited long distance to the United States and Canada..
  • Inexpensive long distance calling rates to most countries worldwide.
  • All the features you want from premium phone service like call display, call waiting, voice mail and more.
  • You get to keep your existing phone number if you want, or you can choose to get a new one.
  • Exede Voice lets you talk as much as you want without it affecting your monthly data limit, unlike other VoIP services.
  • You can use the Internet while on the phone.
  • No more having to rely on cell phones because you always have an available landline at home that doesn't cost a fortune.
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Getting Started with Exede Voice

Another advantage of Exede Voice is that it is super-easy to get started. Order your kit and in no time it is delivered to your door. In your package you will find simple to follow instructions on how to set up the system. The Exede voice adapter is easy to put in place so you can get started using your VoIP service in no time. It works with any type of phone, including cordless phones.

Quality is an important part of everything Exede offers. ViaSat spent a year developing the perfect VoIP product to work with its satellite Internet systems, and a second year testing it to ensure quality. You get a crystal clear connection that makes it practically unnoticeable that you are using a VoIP phone via satellite Internet.

Get started today with an affordable choice in home phone service. Simply give us a call to sign up for your Exede Voice service and enjoy a connection to the rest of the world that you'd only dreamed of before.

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