How to Find a Good Doctor Online

Often when finding a doctor people turn to friends and family, but what if your friends have no recommendations or your family lives in a different area? There are three reliable ways to find a doctor online.

Doctor Search Websites

First, visit a reputable website such as, affiliated with Here you can enter your symptoms to find possible diagnosis and if a doctor visit is necessary by entering your zip code and the type of doctor you are looking for you will find doctors in your area that can meet your needs.

The benefits of such websites are that you will find multiple doctors, who are near your selected zip code and have your selected specialty. The disadvantages are they are merely listings, not recommendations, and you will have to call them individually to verify insurance and if they are accepting new patients.

Insurance Websites

Second, visit your insurance company's website. Most insurance companies will provide a list of doctors in your area, who accept your insurance. Typically you are able to narrow your selection by specialty and see if this doctor is accepting new patients. Even if you do not have insurance, many companies will still allow you to search through their database of doctors. Typically doctors affiliated with insurance companies will have met certain criteria and are good choices. has a good selection of doctors and ancillary medical services, along with contact information.

Doctor Rating Websites

Third, there are multiple websites that will give you both doctor recommendations and ratings based on previous clients. is an excellent combination of both of these services where you will find doctors in your area, along with their years of experience, participating insurance companies and quality and patient feedback based on previous patients' experience surveys and any previous issues reported about this doctor.

Searching for a doctor online is an extremely convenient option by which you can find an excellent provider who will tend to your medical needs. Make sure you take your time to research the appropriate specialty and find a medical professional who will best take care of your individual medical needs while still fitting into your budget.

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