Exede Recovery Act Plan

Under the Recovery Act of 2009, you might be eligible to receive incredible savings on Exede high speed satellite internet through government subsides. Plus, call now and you can also receive a $25 Visa Gift Card absolutely free!


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) offers subsidized internet services to those who live in qualifying households and who do not have any current high speed internet. You might qualify for great savings on an Exede Sattelite Internet plan. Those who are elegible for these financial benefits receive:

• Absolutely no costs up-front
• A strict monthly price of $39.99 with no increases!
• A monthly equipment lease for absolutely no extra cost
• A $25 Visa Gift Card

Whether you’re using a slow dial-up service, a wireless internet card or no service at all, it’s time to uprrade! Through the Recovery Act, you might be elegible to receive the fastest, most reliable high speed internet service for only $39.99 monthly!

Before we continue, let us tell you a bit about Exede Satellite Internet. Exede and Exede Satellite Internet are both owned by parent company ViaSat. Exede is the newest, most technologically advanced satellite broadband internet by ViaSat. Both of ViaSat’s internet providers are participating in the Recovery Act.


What can I do if my address doesn’t qualify for benefits?

Exede can still give you great savings on high speed internet in your rural area. Through Exede, you can enjoy:
• Free or deeply discounted installation in many areas
• Internet browsing speeds that are up to 30x faster than dial-up service
• Internet access anywhere throughout the continental United States
• No need for a phone line to enjoy a reliable, safe, high speed connection
• Access compatible with either a Mac or a PC!

Exede is the Best Broadband Available for Rural America

Is it time for you to make an upgrade on your Internet service?

Dial-up internet can be tedious and annoying. Even downloading a simple email attachment can take what seems like years, and many times you might just give up on it. Compare your slow dial-up speeds with those of Exede using the chart above. Files simply download faster! Plus, when you use Exede, you never have to worry about connecting to the internet because you’re always connected! No longer will you have to worry about your internet disconnecting or your phone lines being tied up for hours.
Call Exede today to find an Internet plan that works for you!

Wherever You Live, Exede is There!

Wherever you are in the continental U.S., you can get Exede. All you need is a clear view of the Southern sky and you’re ready to get started! Enjoy the high speeds of Exede Satellite Internet or find rapid speeds and reliable broadband service with Wild Blue. Either way, let go of your slow dial-up service and upgrade today with Exede!

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