Choosing Where to Go This Halloween

Halloween optionsHalloween looks a little different for everyone. While many love the opening the door to little ghosts and witches looking for treats, others are busy herding their own little ones from place to place or even avoiding the event altogether. No matter what your plans include this Halloween, you can find fun options online when you do a search for Halloween events.

Beyond the Neighborhood

Maybe your neighborhood is spread out so much that a 2 hour walk will hit a mere 10 houses or maybe you just have a lot of people who don’t give out candy where you live. Finding an alternative place for trick or treating is at your fingertips. While you could ask friends and family about visiting their neighborhood, there are also organized events on Halloween that are exciting and fun for the whole family.

Two great trick or treating options outside your neighborhood, but not too far away for most people are shopping centers and trunk-or-treats. Stores in shopping centers hand out candy on Halloween to kids who come by dressed up. It often encourages people to stop in on what would normally be a quiet night. Many groups, especially churches, organize trunk or treats to give children a safe destination to do their trick or treating. Usually held in a closed off parking lot, it is less risky than walking the streets.

Another alternative is organized events like fall festivals. Some churches create a fall festival event on October 31st to provide a completely different event for those looking to not celebrate Halloween, but also not miss out on the fun of dressing up and eating candy.

Planning to Scrooge Halloween – Places to Hide Out

Even though turning off the light should be indicator enough that you are not participating in Halloween, chances are the persistent older kids may still attempt to get a treat, or even a trick in. Often just ringing the bell and running is enough of a gag for kids, but it can still be an annoyance if your bell keeps ringing all evening. The best solution is to get out of the house for the night.

Great hiding places on Halloween include:

-          Movie theaters

-          Nice restaurants

-          Cheap restaurants, because all the families that usually frequent them are busy

-          Skating rinks

-          Bowling alleys

-          The Theatre

-          A pub

A quick search of entertainment in your area should reveal if there is something special going on to attract trick or treaters or not. No matter how you are looking to spend Halloween, you can find it online.

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