5 Ways to Find Your Niche After Moving to a New Town

Finding the right group of friends when you have moved to a new area is likely to be one of the top things on your mind when you get settled in. While moving to a place where you know people or where you have family will help greatly, quite often we don’t have this advantage and have to start entirely from scratch. A few tips will help you get started.

Become a Joiner

Even if you have never been a joiner, this is the time to become one. Find groups that interest you: sports teams, civic organizations, church groups, mommy groups, singles clubs or any organization that appeals to you. The website Meetup.com is a great resource to help you find local groups of people who have things in common with you. Joining a gym is also a wise move. In addition to getting healthier, you will also have lots of opportunities to meet new people there.

Get out!

While it is tempting to immerse yourself in Facebook or phone calls to old friends, you are much more likely to make new friends and settle in quicker when you get out of your house. Even if that simply means walking your neighborhood every morning or evening, you will start to see the same faces over and over. It is this kind of familiarity that is the basis for friendships.

Volunteer Your Time

Everyone has a cause that hits home with them. Find the one that is important to you and then search out local opportunities for volunteering. When you are passionate about helping animals, children, the sick, the environment, etc. it shows. This is a great way to meet like-minded people.

Find Opportunities Online

Your computer can be your best friend in finding opportunities to connect with others. A quick search will provide you with calendar of events for your new area. Go to these events and strike up conversations with others. Join Facebook groups that are local to your area and be sure to any attend real life events that your group holds.

Read the Newspaper

While websites are a fantastic source of information for newbies to an area, so are local newspapers. In fact, the more rural the area you live in, the more likely it is that many businesses and organizations there do not have an online existence. Read the newspaper, especially on weekends, to ensure you know what is going on in your new town and where you can plug in. You may even want to help a group or organization that you find in the paper create an online presence that will help them attract more participants or members.

Yes, effort is required when it comes to finding your niche in a new town. However, you will find that the results are easily worth the effort when you have a great new tribe of friends that make your new town feel like home.

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