How to Promote Your Rural Restaurant with averages about 50 million visitors each month and lists nearly 20 million reviews for all types of businesses, from popular urban retailers to rural restaurants. Clearly, Yelp is a powerful marketing tool, especially for restaurants. Many diners turn to online reviews rather than just viewing a restaurant's website, which is often filled with glowing details of dining delights. Discriminating diners seek out opinions from previous patrons to gauge how the food, service, and atmosphere really is before making the trip to see for themselves.

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A Growing and Power Hungry Internet

Everyone knows the internet is huge, but really how big is it? As it turns out, it’s really, crazy, huge! The internet, like a new baby is growing faster and bigger by the minute. Because of its magnitude, it actually takes an enormous amount of power to keep the internet going; this creates a major problem for the environment. Data centers are continuously using massive amounts of power to keep their operations running 24-7, with backups for backups for backups and so on. Our newest infographic, shown below, illustrates just how big this problem is and what is being done about it

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A Power Hungry Internet

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