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Exploring Satellite Internet Myths: Weather Interruptions

extreme weather

One of the most prevalent myths you are likely to hear about satellite Internet service is that when it rains, you will lose service. However, that is false. Changes in technology have ensured that weather interruptions are a rarity for satellite Internet users. Exede users love that they don’t have to worry about downed telephone lines interrupting service, and brief interruptions caused by very extreme weather are over as soon as the weather passes. Continue reading “Exploring Satellite Internet Myths: Weather Interruptions” »

Exploring Satellite Internet Myths: Speed

Feel the need for high speed rural Internet? Call 888-637-8571When you are considering satellite Internet, you are likely to hear a lot of opinions about it. However, as with anything you will hear both good and bad, truth and myths. Wading through the information you hear is a part of the decision-making process. We want to help you dispel the myths of satellite Internet. Continue reading “Exploring Satellite Internet Myths: Speed” »

What Would You Do With High Speed Rural Internet?

high speed internetHigh-speed rural Internet service transforms your relationship with the web. Compared to dial-up, which a surprising number of consumers in rural America still use, satellite Internet is practically light years faster.  It is always on, so from the minute you are ready to go online, you have instant access to the sites you want. No more waiting on connections means you can do more, faster, every time. Continue reading “What Would You Do With High Speed Rural Internet?” »