Exploring Satellite Internet Myths: Weather Interruptions

extreme weather

One of the most prevalent myths you are likely to hear about satellite Internet service is that when it rains, you will lose service. However, that is false. Changes in technology have ensured that weather interruptions are a rarity for satellite Internet users. Exede users love that they don’t have to worry about downed telephone lines interrupting service, and brief interruptions caused by very extreme weather are over as soon as the weather passes.

Rainy Day Outages are a Thing of the Past

In the early days of satellite Internet, the technology used was greatly affected by weather. Rain or snow often disrupted service significantly. However the industry quickly realized that this was one of the biggest shortfalls the service had, and got to work researching and developing better technology that was less weather sensitive.

Today the equipment you get with your Exede plan is far superior to the early days of satellite Internet service. It delivers a high quality signal in all types of weather. While there is occasionally an interruption when extreme weather occurs, as soon as that front of bad weather (a heavy downpour or snowstorm) passes, you are back online with the same high speed you are used to.

Satellites are More Dependable Than Lines

If you have Internet service that depends on a phone line, extreme weather can also interrupt service for days or even weeks, unlike satellite Internet service that is back immediately as the weather clears. If extreme weather causes a downed phone line in your area, you can be stuck without phone or Internet service for hours, days, or in some cases, even weeks if your service is phone line based like dial-up or DSL.

Relying on vulnerable phone lines can be a thing of the past with Exede. Not only can you get the highest Internet speeds available where you live, you can also choose Exede Voice for your home telephone service and save big compared to traditional phone service. With Exede Voice you have phone service even if your neighbors don’t, because your calls use satellite technology, rather than traditional phone lines.

If you are hearing about rain affecting satellite Internet, you may be talking to someone whose experience with satellite Internet is from years past. Continued improvements in satellite technology ensure that such issues are always improving and will continue to only get better in the future. See for yourself. Call us today and give Exede a try.


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